Monday, March 16, 2009

The Daily Wrap Up - Monday March 16, 2009

Let the debate between tanking the final 20 games of a season and receiving a high draft pick vs. barely missing the playoffs, getting a middle of the road draft pick, but potentially bringing momentum with them to start the beginning of the year begin!

It boils down to momentum and team chemistry (potential) vs obtaining one of those coveted top three draft picks. My preference if for the momentum, as good players can be found in the top 20 regardless. Either way, it's in the hands of the players now. - After an article profiling the grade 10 'super student' came out, it is clear that Alexandra Power is a dirty, dirty liar! (whose pants may or may not be on fire)
She is an enthusiastic student who loves to read, travel, visit museums, attend concerts and the theatre, play computer games and watch hockey games (Her favourite Ottawa Senators player is Christoph Schubert).
Fact: Christoph Schubert does not have any fans.

Here's a little tip: it's true that writing fictitious statements are the base of any good resume (or article profiling you), but maybe you should make your lies a little less obvious. Even something like 'ability to catch bullets', may be a tad more plausible.

The Hockey - The end of staged fights does not necessarily mean the end to all fights.
Maybe guys like Derek Boogaard or David Koci will be effectively legislated out of the game, but players such as New Jersey’s David Clarkson (15 goals, 28 points, 127 PIMs through 67 games) and Steve Ott of Dallas (13 goals, 33 points, 108 PIMs in 50 games) will live on, because they have value outside of fighting.
I'll say this much, I almost prefer watching two players who rarely fight going at it. Something about seeing mistakes, and fights with some emotion in them really makes it more interesting. This instead of watching two players who fight each other with the technical proficiency and know-how of amateur boxers. The heavy-weight fights are so technically sound that nothing interesting ever happens.

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