Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Daily Wrap Up - Thursday March 26, 2009

Apparently certain goalies are taking March madness a little to literally. They're not quite as scary as Kirstie Alley at Pizza Hut when they make a last call on their lunch buffet, but it's still shocking to see the fits Martin Gerber and Tuukka Rask are throwing over calls from the officials. It always makes me smile when players lose their cool, as what do they feel they can accomplish by throwing a milk crate or shooting a puck at an official? Best case is you don't get suspended, and worst case if that you do. Doesn't seem like a lot of upside, but when you're angry and have the ability of a teenager to deal with it, the results that ensue definitely make for some interesting clips on youtube.

A bit of a disappointing game to watch last night. The first two periods lacked any real intensity and the outcome means the Senators cannot afford another loss. It's too bad that the team squandered all those games against the New York Islanders earlier in the season, but there is no point in playing the "what if" game as nobody can change the past (with the exception of Michael J Fox and he didn't return my calls).

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