Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Daily Wrap Up - Wednesday March 25, 2009

The Hockey News - Discusses why every team will not win the Stanley Cup.
Montreal: I wonder if Hiroshima fielded a competitive Japanese baseball league team in 1946?

Ottawa: Actually. You know what? If you give me 1000:1 odds, I’ll bet you a dollar the Sens will win the Cup. Go Senators!
Montreal is going up in flames. Florida is not faring much better, but their play seems to be a lot more consistent. That alone should be the reason why Florida has every advantage over Montreal in making the playoffs.


The Expositer - Washington Capitals sniper Alex Ovechkin is making no apologies for the celebration that followed his 50th goal last week.
The Russian star followed through with a plan to put his stick on the ice and pretend to warm his hands over it. It sparked a debate on how far celebrations should go in the sport.

"If you win the lottery -a million dollars -you go to the bar and drink a lot," Ovechkin said Tuesday before the Capitals' 3-2 shootout loss to the Maple Leafs. "I scored 50 goals and I just celebrated."

In all honesty, he's an over-exuberant youth. Nothing wrong with that. If you don't like it, then go out and try and hit him. Stop whining about it and get him back in the game, that is if you can catch a piece of him.


Anonymous said...

Will you guys be posting a live stream for the game tonight?

Andy said...

Sorry but out source ( has stopped streaming nhl games.