Friday, March 20, 2009

The Daily Wrap Up - Friday March 19, 2009

The original version of the daily wrap up is brought to you by Ovaltine.  Don't forget to drink your Ovaltine!

With the Senators winning last night, they are moving one step closer to drafting behind the Leafs.  And just imagine how long Ottawa fans would whine if the Leafs top pick was amazing and the Senators to pick Daigle'd out.  The whining would be incessant. - Marcus Foligno will be entering this year's draft and he looks to be rising.
The coaching staff is impressed with the young Foligno’s steady improvement and his eagerness to rough it up is evident with 96 penalty minutes (fifth on the team) this season.

“Marcus is a power forward and has the physical presence,” said Sudbury associate coach Bryan Verrault. “He works hard, competes and makes people pay the price. His work ethic is there and he brings it on every day. He will do anything to help the team and play any position we ask him to.”
He has not shown to be as offensive as his older brother Nick, but he may develop into a Milan Lucic type forward.  Probably going in the second round, he would be a great addition to Ottawa, as I would love to see them get a true power forward on the team.  His offensive game could always develop as he gets older, but his work ethic and toughness cannot be questioned.

***** - Team toughness is something that I would love to see the Senators adapt.  Andre Roy discusses how the Calgary Flames do it.
"This is the first team I've played on that anybody will fight. (Nobody will) back down," said Roy, who was signed last summer to take over as the team's heavyweight after the departure of Eric Godard. "In Tampa, I was pretty much the only guy that would fight. Anyone else, it was pretty rare.

"Here, it's like every game there's a different guy almost."

Fifteen current Flames have scrapped at least once this season. As a team, they sit fifth with 57 fighting majors.
This is quite an interesting stat.  If the Senators could ever adapt a team toughness attitude like this, I would be ecstatic.  It would really eliminate the need for Chris Neil who has turned into an extremely one dimensional player.  The fact that 15 players have dropped the gloves means that they look out for one another and anyone will answer the call.  Very interesting.

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