Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Daily Wrap Up - Thursday March 18, 2009

The original version of the daily wrap up is brought to you by the letter F, because that's what our chances of drafting a top 5 pick are looking like, F'd.

I also thought I would take a look at the standings today.  I put it off over the past month because I know the odds are so badly against Ottawa.  The issue right now is that there are too many teams between Ottawa and eigth spot in the playoffs.  It would take 4-5 teams going on a losing streak for the Senators to slip into the playoffs.  But it's still possible! - Although not directly related to the Senators, this news does affect owner Eugene Melnyk and his bid for an MLS franchise.  And it would adversely affect the Senators in a positive way, as owner Eugene Melnyk would have less time to interfere with the Senators, should he ever get an MLS franchise, thus helping GM Brian Murray.
Major League Soccer may wait until the next round of expansion before it awards Ottawa a franchise, MLS commissioner Don Garber said Wednesday.  Vancouver was awarded the league's 17th franchise on Wednesday. Ottawa, St. Louis and Portland are vying to become the league's 18th team.

But Garber said Ottawa city council hasn't decided yet if it will spend money on a soccer facility or a stadium for a new Canadian Football League team. "We don't yet have a positive vote in Ottawa so it's less likely Ottawa would be that 18th team," Garber told reporters. "It doesn't mean they can't be either the 19th or the 20th."
***** - Ken Holland is not quick to re-sign Marian Hossa or Johan Franzen.  This is good news as one of them could become available via free agency.  How good would Franzen look in an Ottawa uniform playing with Fisher and Alfie? It's really just a pipe dream, but one I would love to see.
"Given the uncertainty of the economy, I'm moving slow," Holland said Wednesday. "But it's not only the economy. It's about team building, it's about our philosophy. We can keep Franzen and Hossa, but then we'll have to let a whole lot of other players go. I don't know if that's the answer to being competitive. But if I can get a number that I think allows us to have one extra player, you start to think more and more about doing something. Right now, I'm not really close to where I'd like to get to with either side."


Oman said...

Interesting re. Holland... I think this is the way most GM's will end up working under the cap, especially in a recession. The long term successful teams will be the ones that draft and develop well, and let go of their free agents when they ask too much. There will be less big splashes at trade deadline, and less big free agent signings in the summer. A good example is New Jersey, who lets go of the Gomez's periodically and replaces them with the Zach Parise's, and remains a contender. Even Boston's discarding of Thorton, might have been a good move if you consider the young, talented centres that were coming up the pipe (eg. Krejci and Kessel).

Murray has been moving in this direction I believe, by rebuilding the farm and focussing on drafting, while not overpaying for free agents. It's possible he may have rewarded some of the core guys a bit too much (eg. Fisher), and he still may have to unload a big salary for younger, cheaper talent, but it's a work in progress.

Btw, I believe "adversely affecting something in a positive way" is an oxymoron. :)

Andy said...

haha it is an oxymoron. whoops.

Master of Puppets said...

My bet is Franzen stays at 5M cap hit and Hossa has to walk. I'd love to see a Franzen type here but with Fishers contract and Comrie likely to sign, we have to hope for someone from within. Franzen is big, gritty with wicked hands. Very valuable.

Oman said...

True. Franzen would be a great addition to any team. I expect Detroit will do everything they can to resign him -- at the best price possible.